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About Titers

What is a titer?

A titer test is a simple blood test that provides useful information about your pet’s current immunity to the diseases he’s been vaccinated against in the past. The results validate whether vaccination resulted in immunity.

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Using Titers in Shelter Settings

Where can I get a titer?

All veterinarians have the ability to send out your dog’s serum to be titered. Cost can vary significantly. You can also ask your vet to do a blood draw and spin and then mail the sample via one of the following online resources. Cost can vary significantly.

The Healthy Dog Workshop

Affordable Pet Labs

University of Wisconsin – Madison (also does nomographs)


Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Lab (through a vet only)

Nayked Pet

Frequently Asked Questions
How are antibodies produced?

Antibodies are produced by the immune system following the administration of a vaccine. Antibodies are also produced naturally after an infection such as parvovirus. Each dog’s response has many variables.  Antibodies often produce long term immunity.

How can i protect my pet from diseases while minimizing unnecessary vaccinations?

The key here is to understanding that the goal of vaccination should be to illicit a protective antibody titer while minimizing over-vaccination. This can be done by using a titer to verify immunity after vaccination. Even years later!

What is the safest way to vaccinate my pet?

Vaccinate separately and with individual antigens and only if a pet is healthy. Healthy means not harboring any underlying conditions or immune-mediated issues.

If my pet has a protective titer, do i need to ever vaccinate my pet again?

Perhaps. When a pet is first vaccinated for a disease, a titer should be checked four weeks later. If the pet developed immunity it may be protected for many years. Some pets will be protected for life. The only way to know for sure is to recheck the titer.

when will rabies titers become accepted as the standard indication for assessing rabies immunity in pets?

As soon as enough concerned people are educated to these facts and help pass legislation to legalize titers in lieu of revaccination when revaccination isn’t necessary.

How do I know that my puppy's initial vaccinations produced immunity?

Ask your vet to do a core titer for parvovirus, distemper, and adenovirus four weeks after completing the initial puppy vaccinations. This is the only way to verify if those vaccinations produced immunity. A recent study showed that a percentage of puppies have not acquired immunity from their puppy vaccination series.

Can I enhance the vaccination response?

The vaccination response may be enhanced with mushroomscolostrum or spirulina.

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